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If you seek top quality dental care and you find the favorable price-value ratio important, you can visit RaptisDentalCare Clinic, combining your dental implant rehabilitation with a trip in Greece.

At RaptisDentalCare we have organized the entire process in a very efficient manner. This allows us to be very effective despite distance and  time limitations. The process could be divided as follows:

  • First you have to contact us @ We will ask you to provide us with all the necessary information regarding your medical and dental history and we will try to collect the appropriate dental records x-rays, etc via e-mail. This will allow us to form a rational treatment plan based upon your dental needs and expectations. At this point you will be informed, for free, about the cost and duration of your treatment. The presentation of the treatment plan will occur by e-mail or skype. This allows us to explain in details the various treatment options and gives us the chance to answer all your questions you might have.
  • Once you agree to proceed with the proposed treatment, our patient care representative will be at your disposal to assist you with flight reservations and accommodation. Depending upon treatment needs, we will book the necessary appointments for you. A simple implant prosthesis involving one to three teeth can be accomplished within only 5 days and a extensive full mouth implant reconstruction usually requires 2 trips with a minimum interval of 3 months.
  • Upon arrival a free shuttle will bring you to our dental clinic where we will examine you and collect any additional diagnostic information that is required. The final treatment plan will be further discussed and the treatment will begin.
  • During your stay and for as long as your treatment is in process our patient care representative will, again, be at your disposal to organize your free time activities.
  • On your departure you will take with you, all the documentation of the dental work done (i.e type and size of implants placed) and the x-rays that we took in our Dental Clinic. In addition, we are sure that you will leave us with good memories since all the staff of RaptisDentalCare will strive to make your stay in Greece an enjoyable and relaxing experience.