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Having 25 years of experience in providing specialized high quality dental care, we founded a modern and well equipped Dental Clinic in Kifissia. We aimed to create a comfortable, quiet and homey environment to continue providing the highest quality of dental care.
We treat all dental problems from the simplest to the most complex. Taking under consideration your needs and preferences and after completing a detailed medical and dental history, a clinical examination will be performed. Having collected all the above data, we will present you an individualized treatment plan aiming to provide you with an excellent aesthetic and functional result.

We deem particularly important the longevity of the dental procedures that we offer. We only use techniques and materials that have demonstrated an excellent clinical performance over time. Our well organized recall system will help us prevent your possible future dental problems or detect early on any new ones that may arise.

Prevention is also the focus of the Pediatric Dentistry department of our clinic.